Software Quality Management in Software Engineering

Software Quality Management in Software Engineering

The degree to which a component, system or process meets specified requirements and/or user/customer needs and expectations. software quality: The totality of functionality and features of a software product that bear on its ability to satisfy stated or implied needs.

Software quality management (SQM) is a management process that aims to develop and manage the quality of software in such a way so as to best ensure that the product meets the quality standards expected by the customer while also meeting any necessary regulatory and developer requirements, if any.

Software quality Management is a term used to describe the management aspects of developing quality software. Software quality Management begins with an idea for a product and continues through the design, testing and launch phases.

A management process that is made up of a few different steps, SQM can be broken down most simply into three phases: Quality planning, assurance and control.

Quality planning involves the creation of goals and objectives for your software, as well as the creation of a strategic plan that will help you to successfully meet the objectives you lay out.

The quality assurance phase of Software quality Management involves the actual building of the software program. With good SQM in place, product performance will be checked along the way to ensure that all standards are being followed. Audits may be performed and data will be collected throughout the entirety of the process.

The step of Software quality Management where testing finally comes into play, quality control is in place to discover bugs, evaluate functionality and more. Depending on the results of the quality control phase, you may need to go back to development to iron out kinks and make some small final adjustments. Having a software quality management plan in place can guarantee that all industry standards are being followed and that your end-user will receive a well-developed, high quality product.

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