Quality Inspection Software

Quality Inspection Software

Quality Software is defined as a field of study and practice that describes the desirable attributes of software products. There are two main approaches to software quality: defect management and quality attributes.

Quality Control Inspection Software is an app-based solution to facilitate QC inspections commonly used on a smartphone or tablet that replaces spreadsheets and paper. It allows quality inspectors to schedule QC jobs, input product & supplier information, estimate workloads, select checkpoints to follow, send automated emails to suppliers, and share results with management in real time.

Effective inspections are key to improving the cost of quality. From receiving through production and delivery, there are almost unlimited aspects that could be monitored and controlled with inspections. In fact, there are far too many to not be leveraging modern technology to facilitate this process.

Quality Inspection Software

Issue & Challenges

Product quality is a universal value for organizations and has become increasingly important when managing production facilities and suppliers located around the globe. In order to provide customers with quality products, organizations are required to ensure that their processes are continuously monitored and product defects are minimized.

Quality Control Inspection Software are measures aimed at checking, measuring, or testing of one or more product characteristics and to relate the results to the requirements to confirm compliance. This task is usually performed by specialized personnel and does not fall within the responsibility of production workers.

Quality inspection is concerned on postoperative or post-production check of products. It doesn't have direct impact on production process. Quality inspector only sorts products, and he doesn't let poor quality products to leave the factory. Quality inspection has no feedback loop. That means that information about failures and their causes is not passed to workers or managers. Therefore, this system cannot improve itself.

Manufacturing Inspection Software

Quality Audit Software is the activity of checking products, whereas “audit” applies to analyzing manufacturing processes and organizations. The quality inspector usually follows a pre-established checklist that is based on the product specifications. Inspected products can be the components used for production, semi-finished goods, or (most often) finished goods before shipment to a customer.

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