What is Gage Repeatability & Reproducibility (Gage R&R)

Gage Management(Gage R & R) is a methodology used to define the amount of variation in the measurement data due to the measurement system. It then compares measurement variation to the total variability observed, consequently defining the capability of the measurement system. Measurement variation consists of two important factors, repeatability and reproducibility. Repeatability is due to equipment variation and reproducibility is due to inspector or operator variation. Gage R & R can make known:

gauge management

  • The amount of measurement system variation compared with the process variation
  • The amount of variation in the measurement system that is due to operator influence
  • The measurement system’s capability to discriminate between different parts

How to Perform a Gage Management

There are several techniques for completing a Gauge Management study. The two most widely accepted methods for calculating Gage Repeatability and Reproducibility are as follows:
The Average and Range Method
The ANOVA (Analysis of Variance) Method
In this example, a software application is used to perform the ANOVA method. Both methods provide estimates for three measurement error components:

gauge management

Tool and gauge management is used to prevent losses, determine when to repair or replace, and to maintain working condition to meet requirements and ensure efficient operation. Tracking tools and gauges provides essential documentation to protect the company from liability and eliminate auditing issues.

Gauges are the technical basis of quality assurance. If they are calibrated incorrectly this failure will directly imply a deviation of production.

The decision whether management and calibration of gauges is done inhouse or by commissioning an external service provider depends on several different considerations.
Part-to-part variation

SPC analysis is largely impacted by measurement system error. Gage instruments, inspection techniques and fixturing all make up a measuring system. Any of these components can introduce variation in the measuring system.

gauge management

Benefits Gage Management software

  • Manage the cost of quality because calibration is a large part of the cost.
  • Flexible system to setup calibration studies.
  • Complete system for MSA studies.
  • Central tracking and monitoring of calibration and R&R studies.
  • Integration of SPC and MSA.

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