Fast- Audit Management

Fast Audit Management

Audit Management

The audit process reviews the outputs of every one of your business processes by sampling records and interviewing employees and then compares this information to the planned provisions of the process to assess if the process is fulfilling its obligations as planned. When processes are carried out as planned you can assess their effectiveness, and when there is a problem corrective actions can be taken to address the root cause. In this way you can ensure that your business is functioning as expected. To make this process easier, the software in MyEasyISO provides everything you need to manage an audit process, from audit scheduling to reporting.

The Audit Management software module in improsys supports the entire internal audit process of audit management in your organization in a powerful and transparent workflow. Any compliance requirement, internal system or external protocol can be reflected in the audit software system. It offers a smart workflow through an interactive process for top-down planning and approval and bottom-up verification and control.

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