Customer Complaint Management

Customer Complaint Management

Customer complaint management system is the process of how a company handle, manage, respond to and report customer complaints. Systems are developed and put into place to track and trend the data that is captured by customer complaint management software

Capture, manage and track complaints with our complaint management software Recording, tracking and resolving customer complaints is a key component of driving customer loyalty and ultimately developing more business.

When a complaint is resolved efficiently, you have a greater opportunity to develop stronger and more profitable relationships with your customers.

Complaint management solution captures, manages and tracks your complaints from initial contact through to resolution, helping organisations to process a complaint through any channel in their organisation, whether call centre, branch, or online.

It produces all the required communications including letters and detailed management information and reports which are essential in determining the root cause of complaints.It provides accountability

throughout the complaint journey, enabling organisations to remain compliant, and can be customised to handle the complaint processes of a diverse range of organisations including those working within financial services, the public sector, utilities and telecoms.

Customer Complaint Management Process Features

  • Dashboard to access the software solution
  • Admin Login to view the complains
  • Admin: Create, add, and edit service engineers
  • Admin can also add and edit agents
  • Assigning the complains to service engineers
  • Service Engineer: Login and view the assigned complains
  • Service Engineer: Resolve the complaints and update the status
  • Customer: Login and create complaint
  • Customer: View the status of the complaint and check its history
  • The admin can assign it to a particular service engineer for resolving the issue.
  • The Service engineer then acts on it and updates the status.



  • The web complaint management software allows the user to record the complaint and loads it to the complaints database.
  • It offers a strategic method for online lodging and tracking of customer concerns and issues.
  • You can access each complaint’s history and check the status update. It has the details of how a complaint is being progressed and what actions are being taken.
  • After a complaint is recorded by a user, it is reviewed by an Administrator and then led to the complaints workflow.

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