Customer Complaint Management system

Customer Complaint Management System

Complaint Management System (CMS) system features are divided into two main categories: Create a complaint & Generate Ticket and after resolved the problem update information into application and notify to Ticket owner.

CMS is a management technique for assessing, analyzing and responding to customer complaints. Complaints management software is used to record, resolve and respond to customer complaints, requests as well as facilitate any other feedback. These software solutions are utilized to handle complaints through three main business protocols when implemented:

  1. Establishing and agreeing on the complaint
  2. Quality management during the process
  3. Compensation or reimbursement

The process of dealing with complaints through complaints management software is broken down below together with related features and benefits in bullets.

Key features

Complaint capture and maintenance

The complaint maintenance module allows users to quickly and easily capture all the information required to process a complaint through any channel in their organisation, whether call centre, branch, or online.

The Microsoft Office look and feel provides an intuitive user interface which makes it quick and easy to train staff. Our extensibility editor allows customers to add additional screens, fields and drop downs to meet their needs.


With our advanced workflow capability, organizations can be assured that their entire complaint process can be automated, providing staff with a step by step guide in completing all of their tasks.

Workflows can be easily adapted to reflect legislative changes, ensuring that organizations remain compliant.

Every action taken by staff is logged on the system providing management with complete auditability for compliance and operational risk management.

Party management

The party management module stores the details of all relevant parties to the complaint such as customers, employers, solicitors, financial advisors, and claims management companies.

This provides a single view of all interactions with all parties involved. It can also be used to conduct inbound and outbound customer communication campaigns.

Document generation

The document module allows customers to generate letters, forms, emails, and texts at any stage within the complaint.

Documents are based on user-defined word templates and are merged with data from the complaint management system to create personalized documents.

Documents can be created using the document generation wizard or automatically created from within a business process.

Management information

Our software has its own data cube and sophisticated reporting capabilities which allows customers to report on any of the data captured within the system. This provides almost limitless variations of reports and management information to be produced for regulatory reporting and root cause analysis. This gives you the flexibility to reconfigure complaint cause categories in line with what you are learning from your customers every d ay.

Complaint management resource

We have been delivering specialist complaint handling services for over 15 years, forming assured service partnerships with some of the largest retail banks, insurers, regulatory bodies and outsourcers.

Whether you require an immediate short-term resource or a fully managed service, our solutions will enable you to strengthen operations whilst incorporating new regulatory requirements.

Complaint management consultancy

Equiniti Group is a dependable partner to organizations in need of advice and guidance on root cause analysis, quality management, service improvement and training to help drive superior complaint handling.

Root cause analysis

Our experience in root cause analysis means that we can identify common causes of complaints, helping you to implement an effective remediation plan.

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