Audit Management System

Audit Management System

The Audit Management software module in improsys supports the entire internal audit process of audit management in your organization in a powerful and transparent workflow. Any compliance requirement, internal system or external protocol can be reflected in the audit software system. It offers a smart workflow through an interactive process for top-down planning and approval and bottom-up verification and control.

An audit software system automates audit-related tasks and connects with a quality management system (QMS) to ensure documentation is accurate and complete. Audit software greatly reduces the time and effort needed to pass an audit

Audit Management software module also allows for tailoring to implement customer-specific preferences.

Audit Management Solutions

In its audit management process, the software will help you secure effective communication of notifications, findings, and observations.

It is also an effective tool in streamlining the identification, verification, and implementation of action plans and improvement initiatives.

The standard Fasttqms audit management process is based on the principle of having different case types for planning, execution, and follow-up of audits.

When combining these cases in the audit software system, they constitute a hierarchy of cases where the audit plan is on top with interactive links to several audits, which in turn include links to various findings.

Actions are an integrated part of all case types, but they will serve different purposes depending on the case type.

Audit management software helps companies streamline their audit processes and comply with regulations or internal policies. This type of software is used to define, implement, and monitor auditing procedures for multiple purposes, such as quality management, health, and safety, or environmental protection.

Audit Management software module - key benefits:

  • Effective audit management software for streamlining identification, verification, and implementation of action plans and improvement initiatives
  • Requirements from recognized standards such as ISO 9000 and 14000 series are integrated
  • Different case types for planning, execution, and follow-up of audits
  • Allows tailoring of customer-specific preferences within audit management software
  • Flexible searches and report generation provided by the software module

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